Real time eye tracking

There are several ways of detecting iris, all of them requiring good illumination and an image resolution higher as possible, for achieving best results. My first approach of detecting iris was to use image processing to acquire a binary(black and white) frame, highlighting the edges in the image, from which the shape of iris is detected. In the videos I’ve made, you can see in on the left side the detected iris in a green circle.

Gesture detection using optical flow

Recently, I had the chance to make some research work on gesture detection software, it was not my personal project, but for another company so I’ll not be able to post details. Mainly it uses optical flow to detect different kind of gestures like: eyebrow raising, smiling and blinking. Optical flow compared to matchers for gesture detection has its good and bad parts. Good part: it doesn’t need training! Bad part: It’s not a “continuous” gesture detection, but more of a initiation of it, but for the purpose of my work, it was a good choice. I’ve made a video a month ago, which does not include the blinking and several other improvements, but I’m going to share it with you until I’ll make a new one with all the gestures:

Hope you liked my first post and my research result. Research requires many hours of hard work so results don’t come up from one day to another, besides I have several other projects I currently work on so my posts will definitely not be something to daily basis, but surely I’ll make my best to have something inspiring and good to show, so stay tuned!